3D Letter Embroidery Pattern Hip Hop Style Baseball Cap Peak Cap, Size: Head Circumference: 55-61cm(Black)

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Pattern Type:Letter
Hat Size:One Size
Hat eaves-shaped:Curved eaves
Hat top style:Dome
1. Exquisite embroidery, elegant and stylish, can also modify the facial lines
2. The shell is adjustable in size and comfortable and breathable
3. Quick-drying, foldable, not easy to pilling
4. Suitable for hand washing, washing separately, do not invade for a long time
5. Color difference may occur due to display and light, please refer to the actual product
One Package Weight 0.14kgs / 0.32lb
Qty per Carton 208lb
Carton Weight 30kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 90cm * 90cm * 74cm / 35.43inch * 35.43inch * 29.13inch
Loading Container 20GP: 44 cartons * 208 pcs = 9152 pcs
40HQ: 103 cartons * 208 pcs = 21424 pcs