50 PCS Cosmetic Glass Bottles Cream Bottles Lotion Press Bottles, Specification:150ml Lotion Bottle

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1. Material: glass
2. Related accessories: hand pad, pressure pump, cover, cover
3. Surface treatment: spray color, silk screen, hot stamping, hot silver, frosting
4. Curved pump head, smooth pressing
5. Hand-drawn pad design, good sealing, anti-leakage
6. Outer cover electroplating process, the cover is not easy to fall off
7. Weight: 0.134kg/0.133kg/0.168kg/0.213kg
8. Size: 50g cream bottle: 64.65x53.33mm, 40ml lotion bottle: 47.67x105.12mm, 120ml lotion bottle: 47.56x154.02mm, 150ml lotion bottle: 47.18x180.96mm