Baby Cotton Washable Four-layer Gauze Diaper, Suitable Height:110 Yards(Carrot)

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1. Breathable, although waterproof, it will not make your baby feel uncomfortable
2. It can not be used instead of diapers completely. It is not as good as diapers for water absorption. There is also leakage of urine when there is a large amount of urine. It is a very good transitional substitute for babies to get rid of diapers
3. Soft rubber bands at the waist and legs for comfortable fit. Depending on the amount of urine, you can receive 1-2 times of urine. The style of small underwear makes the baby more free
4. Machine washable or hand washable
5. Main fabric composition: Cotton

Size parameters:
1. 80 yards: waist: 36-60cm, pants length 22cm, thigh circumference: 23-28cm
2. 90 yards: Waist circumference: 38-64cm, pants length 24cm, thigh circumference: 24-32cm
3. 100 yards: waist: 40-68cm, pants length 26cm, thigh circumference: 26-38cm
4. 110 yards: Waist circumference: 42-72cm, pants length 28cm, thigh circumference: 28-42cm

1. Waist and thigh circumferences are designed for elasticity