BLK-D919 RF Instrument Facial Vibration Compact Lifting Massager Micro Current Beauty Instrument(White)

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1. Power: less than or equal to 8W
2. Vibration frequency: about 10000rpm
3. Working voltage: 7.4V
4. Material: ABS + PC + alloy
5. Charging time: about 2.5 hours Applicable time: about 50 minutes
3. Size: 191x52x46mm Net weight: 200g

1. Five modes: deep cleansing, import mode, muscle floor nourishment, three-dimensional lifting EMS, red light muscle regeneration, calming and soothing with ice
2. High-pulse puncture to the non-destructive nutrition of the dermis layer quickly and continuously. Ion shake out, deep clean and remove grease dirt, keep pores dry and clear. Ion vibration is introduced to penetrate the bottom of the muscle, reducing the doubling effect and strengthening the bottom of the muscle
3. High-frequency radio waves penetrate deep into the dermis layer to reshape youth, and the special ring-shaped RF care head effectively controls thermal energy and covers the skin in a wide range
4. Make-up remover card with cotton pads plus thermal function to clean the face and make skin more thorough.