BS-1801 Portable Water Oxygen Apparatus for Home Beauty Nano Sprayer Water Supplementary Instrument, Automatic Alcohol Aprayer, EU Plug(Pink)

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1. Using the principle of electric pressure atomization liquid atomizer, advanced mechanical structure, can make the nutrient molecules under the action of electric pressure, rapid decomposition atomization, through the surface, to the bottom of the muscle.
2. It is suitable for high-grade cosmetics and skin care products, which changes the way of applying by hand, and can make you save skin care water and more sanitary.
3. The increased water tank can be put into more, to meet the needs of a day of water, water tank can be cleaned, replaced.
4. The product design is precise, the nozzle does not accumulate water. Not easy to leak, spray effect is better.
5. It can atomize the impurity free liquid that can shake freely in the bottle, such as higher concentration of pure dew, perfume, toner, toner and essence.
6. LED lamp ring, not only beautiful but also can observe whether the product is powered.
7. The number of five gears can be adjusted and the catheter can be lengthened to make it more convenient to use.
8. Product specifications: DC12V, 10W, 30PSI, 10L/ min.
9. Product packaging: beauty machine, power adapter, connection pipe, oxygen injection spray gun.

1. When injecting oxygen, the operation should be carried out from the forehead down to the lower jaw, and the skin around the eyes should be thin, so avoid it as far as possible.
2. The products used in the oxygen gun must be water-like products. Please be careful to avoid neutralizing the nostril in the nozzle during the oxygen treatment.
3. Before and after each use, the small cup and the inner pipe hole of the gun should be cleaned to avoid the clogging of the pipe hole caused by the product drying.
4. When adding the product to the spray bottle, if it is of high concentration or viscous, be sure to dilute it before adding.