Four-in-one Negative Ion Wet And Dry Hair Dryer Comb Hair Straightener Curling Stick(US Plug)

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1. Product Name: Hair Comb Set
2. Carton size: 56.5x38.5x45
3. Single gross weight: 459g??? color box specification: 37.5x11x5.4CM
4. Power cord length: 158CM
5. Product specifications: 32x4.8 (replace comb length 14-16CM)
6. Rated power: 550W???
7. Applicable voltage of European regulations: 220V??? Applicable voltage of American regulations: 110V
8. Rated frequency: 50HZ
9. The heating element of the original heating wire can reach the specified temperature within 30 seconds after being turned on.
10. The new anti-scald comb design refuses to hurt the skin
11. Switch function, one-key operation, simple operation
12. Four functional head attachments, easy to replace
13. 360-degree rotation to prevent the power cord from winding
14. To meet the needs of different hair quality, hair care does not hurt the hair
15. Both long and short hairstyles are available, suitable for making a new self every day