LED Colorful Luminous Performance Gloves Children Gloves, One Pair, Suitable Age:About 10 Years Old(Black)

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1. Material: acrylic + nylon lining
2. Width: 10cm, wrist width: 7cm, length: about 19cm
3. Suitable age: about 10 years old, age is for reference only, please choose the appropriate size according to the size of the child's hand
4. Light color: colorful light color
5. Flashing method: Colorful 6-segment flashing (Colorful fast flashing / Colorful slow flashing / Colorful constant flashing / Red flashing / Green flashing / Blue flashing, or single light 3 segment flashing: Fast flashing / Slow flashing / Continuous lighting)
6. Battery: 2 built battery CR2016, drawer design, easy to replace the battery
7. Endurance: about 20-30 hours
8. Note: Please remove the white insulation insert before use