Multifunctional Electric Scraping Instrument Meridian Massager, Style:808 Charge(Red)

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1. Weight: 806 grams of 370 grams, 808 models of 635 grams
2. Dimensions: 110×90×135 mm
3. Material: ABS
4. Specifications: input voltage 110-240V, working voltage 5V, power 15W, USB cable connection
5. Uses: Meridian massage, scraping, cupping
6. Scope of application: leg massage, lymph parts, arms, back, etc.
7. Features: simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving, thermal microcirculation reduces nervous tension, relieves fatigue, comfortable grip, light and durable, 6-level suction control, 6-level thermal control, hot compress and warm palace, smart panel, painless scraping, scraping away cans, magnetic wave care, chassis all heat up
8. Note: before use, the filter piston and filter cotton must be installed to prevent the essential oil from being sucked into the instrument to reduce the service life of the instrument