Original Xiaomi Mijia Splash Proof Nail Clippers(White)

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Basic parameters:
1. Product model: MJZJD001QW
2. Product size: 61.5??13.5??14.2mm
3. Net weight: 22g
3. Executive standard: QB/T1815-2002
4. Product material: nail clipper 420 stainless steel, nail clipper PC+ABS
5. Mijia anti-splash nail clipper: sharp and durable, anti-splash storage case design, high-quality stainless steel, high-grade matte texture, compact design portable.
6. All stainless steel materials create sharp cutting edges: high-quality 420 stainless steel, high hardness, wear resistance, the cutting edge is not easy to collapse, and will not change color after long-term use.
7. The surface treatment of the corundum sand is frosted, not easy to rust: one-piece forging and forming, the lines are simple and smooth; from raw materials to finished products, it has gone through 60 processes.
8. Curved edge, one-cut shape: the curved edge is crescent-shaped and fits the shape of a nail. One-cut shape, smooth and less burr; the blade is smooth, and the paper-cut incision is neat and without burrs.
9. Misaligned blades to prevent abrasion: Durable to prevent blades from abrading; repeated manual grinding and sharpening for long-lasting sharpness.
10. Shear copper plate as sharp as usual: Shear copper plate 2000 times without curling edge or chipping, which is 4 times the industry standard.
11. Frustration design, repair smooth nails: shear and grinding, frustration design, matte texture is very detailed, the green edge of the polished nails is not smooth.