Portable Handheld Air Humidifier Moisture Meter Alcohol Spray Air Purifier(Blue)

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1. The texture inside the water tank is treated with highlights, and it has a very beautiful 3D stereoscopic effect through the refraction of light.
2. Textured sparkle stripes on the outside of the handle have a strong visual beauty and touch feel.
3. Product size: 36x113mm, not too big, not too high or not short, it is really just right to put it in the bag in your hand.
4. The fog outlet is in front, and the button is in the back, which does not affect the appearance.

1. The water tank and the middle frame bracket are made of environmentally friendly PC (many water cups are also made of this material).
2. The main body is made of raw material ABS, and the solid color is opaque and the quality is more obvious.
3. The octopus doll is made of food-grade silicone, which can be removed and cleaned without using any glue.
4. The bottom silicone anti-skid pad is placed firmly on the table.

1. The good time replenishment 20S stops automatically.
2. The amount of fog is large and delicate.
3. Function indicator light: working blue light, low power blue light flashing, charging red light, full red light off.
4. There are charging management and charging protection on the board, making it safer to use.

1. Product material: ABS+PC+silicone
2. Water tank capacity: 30 ml
3. Rated power: 1.5W
4. Input parameter: 5V 2A
5. Battery specifications: 200mAh polymer
6. Charging time: 2-3 hours
7. Use time: 0.5 hours
8. Atomization amount: 0.3-0.5ml/20 seconds
9. Product size: 36x113mm
10. Net weight of product: 52g