Postoperative Forearm Sling Multifunctional Shoulder and Neck Wrist Strap Arm Fracture Fixation Strap, Size:S(Black)

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1. Weight: 0.25 kg
2. Material: Raschel Net + Cotton + Nylon + ABS Plastic Buckle
3. Dimensions: s: 30 x 13 cm, m: 41 x 16 cm, l: 46 x 16 cm
4. Applicable scenarios: running sports, fitness equipment, shooting sports, cycling sports, sports outdoor bags, martial arts self-defense, extreme challenges, health massage
5. Washing instructions: soak in soapy water for 60 minutes, then wash by hand and dry in the shade
6. Applicable people:
1. Shoulder clavicle fracture, scapula fracture
2. Shoulder dislocation subluxation
3. Post-operative use during the plaster period
4. Upper limb weakness due to mid-point hemiplegia deltoid paralysis