Smart Makeup Mirror Desktop Dressing Mirror Desktop LED Fill Light Mirror(Silver White)

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1. Weight: about 1000g
2. Dimensions: 363×274×123 mm
3. Material: ABS, PMMA
4. Specifications: rated voltage 12V-1A, rated power 6W, battery capacity 2000mAh, light color temperature 5300k cool white, 4300k natural white, 3300k warm white, charging time is about 2.5 hours, induction light is 20 cm away from the front, makeup induction the distance is about 40-60 centimetres, the human body leaves for 15 seconds and the light turns off (in induction mode)
5. Style: modern and simple
6. Features: unique shape, beautiful and practical, one-button operation is simple and convenient, the brightness can be adjusted freely, long press the switch to turn on the infrared sensor mode, the mirror can be rotated to adjust the angle, the USB universal interface can be connected to the power supply or can be charged and disconnected from the power supply , durable