SURKER RFC-508 Ceramic Cutter Head Adult Children Mute Hair Clipper Electric Clipper(EU Plug)

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1. Shell material: stainless steel body + some ABS materials, cutter head material: titanium alloy + ceramic moving knife
2. Charging time: 6 hours
3. Power: 8 watts
4. Suitable voltage: AC220-240V 50/60Hz
5. Five-speed adjustment power
6. Four positioning combs
7. Safety arc tooth
8. Streamlined body, comfortable handle
9. Alloy knife surface, smooth and non-allergenic
10. Low noise, not easy to generate heat during use
11. Battery: NiMH battery, dual batteries can be replaced
12. Power supply mode: charging / power supply dual-use type
13. Unit weight: 0.8kg
14. Dimensions: 17.5x4.5cm

Packing list:
Hair clipper x1
Power supply x1
Limit comb x1
Battery compartment x1
Manual x1
Cleaning brush x1
Lubricating oil x1
Backup battery x1