U-shaped Children Electric Toothbrush Baby Rechargeable Brushing Artifact, Style:Toddler Edition(Penguin Gray)

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1. Weight: 30 g
2. Dimensions: 12 x 13 x 5.5 cm
3. Material: Silicone
4. Features: U-shaped brush head, 360° total oral cleaning, scientific tooth cleaning, soft silicone
5. Power supply method: USB charging
6. Five gear strength design:
1. Massage mode (1 file): once a week, massage gums healthier
2. Gentle mode (2 levels): suitable for six-year-old and teeth-changing babies, care for gums and mouth
3. Cleaning mode (3 levels): Suitable for 7-9 year old baby to clean teeth, exposing small white teeth
4. Gum care mode (4 levels): suitable for 9-11 year old babies, enhance cleaning, refuse tooth decay
5. Deep cleaning (5 files): suitable for babies 11-14 years old