USB Desktop Dressing Mirror LED Table Lamp Portable Nano Spray Beauty Moisture Apparatus Automatic Alcohol Sprayer (Blue)

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1. Weight: 520 g
2. Capacity: 120 ml
3. Material: ABS + PP + glass mirror
4. Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 6.5 cm
5. Power supply method: USB charging
6. Warm reminder:
1. Do not add perfume/essential oil to avoid corroding products;
2. When turning on the power, do not put your hand on the touch switch;
3. To prevent the humidifier from burning dry, the DC5V power configuration is more than 1A;
4. After adding water, cover the lid, wait 30 seconds for the cotton swab to fully wet, then plug in the USB
7. Applicable gift-giving occasions: employee benefits, trade fairs, advertising promotions, holiday celebrations, business gifts